B007: Futile Censorship

Cyberattacks & Sanctions

A core argument of the other side is that we have observed a steady rise in cyber-attacks and/or technical failures the past few months which are being deliberately done so to justify heightened surveillance in the name of security and government-backed sanctions on non-compliant actors.

xkcd: Cryptography as a Right

Government Rationale

The trojan horse the governments are riding on to propose these bans is that cryptography is “mostly” utilized by malicious parties to conduct illicit activity and that their communication should not be shielded by a veil of unbreakable encryption should legal actions indeed be carried out against them.

Supplemental Means

Even if end-to-end encrypted messaging apps are banned, there are multiple other avenues that criminals would pursue to carry on their illegal activities without hindrance. The world of the internet is governed by machines and digital information all of which is malleable.


Factoring all the above into account, an effort to actually block cryptography “once and for all” would be close to if not impossible. In my opinion, the narrative for banning cryptography is curated towards attracting positive attention from non-technical people and is a red herring.



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